Friday, September 17, 2010

Funny boy!

Here's the scenario: Mr. Trek is eating a blueberry pancake with peanut butter on it. He is pretty close to finished with it and stretches out his hand toward me. His hands are of course covered with plenty of what he is eating. He says "Icky, mommy!" Then with hand still aimed toward me he says "Here you go, you're welcome!" I laughed outloud!!! First of all, he is calling what he just spent the last 10 minutes gobbling down, icky! Second of all, why would I want it if he doesn't. Anyway, this is an-almost-two-year-old's perspective! He is a pretty amazing little man...we are in awe of his rapidly changing self. He is speaking in full sentences that we can understand. Knows the full alphabet song. He can say the "L" sound very clearly. Recently when we ask him how he is doing, he says "I'm good!" Then he will run around saying to us "How are you, I'm good!" He can count to 10 in english and spanish!
Okay, this is turning out to be quite a braggy post! I guess I want to be able to look back on this blog and remember the tidbits about him that I will quickly forget!
As we head into fall/winter, I hope I can keep this little guy entertained and learning!
We will see how that goes!