Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Introducing the Gibler family of 4!

Our very first pic as a family of four! This was taken at the airport when we arrived Sunday, May 6th! Elshaday was a great little traveller! She only fussed when she got bored...and there is plenty of time for boredom on those long international flights. So we would walk around the plane and find folks to chat with. Overall the flight home went a lot better than we anticipated. We were so excited to see Trek again. It seemed like he grew a ton while we were gone, but probably was because we had been around little Elshaday for a week, and then seeing them together really shows their size differences. Trek was happy to see us also, however I don't think he was really prepared for how "big" and capable his "little" sister turned out to be. We are finding that loads of patience and time is helping with this issue.