Friday, February 26, 2010

Febuary 2010-- Trek at 14 months old

We had a stretch of beautiful we took advantage of it! Trek got familiar with dirt and our dog Roosevelt! We took many walks so mom could get some much needed exercise!!
Oh, a small milestone, but we lowered Trek's crib down to the bottom level. I know we should have done this a long time ago, but time just flies by! On morning we woke up to hear a crash coming from Trek's room. I ran in and there he was with blood running down his face. I went into 'medical mode' and quickly whisked him in to the bathroom to get something to apply pressure with. At this point I had no idea where exactly he was bleeding from, there was blood in his eye. I was expecting the worst...luckily he just banged his right eyebrow on the side of the crib! Sometimes he tries to stand up in his crib while still asleep...this would be hard to do when fully awake! Anyway, the wound healed great, and having the crib mattress all the way down makes it so he can't fall on the side rails that easy!!! I am sure this is just the beginning of the drama and truama we are going to witness in the next few years!!!

January 2009- Trek at 13 months old...and adoption finalized!!!

Trek really enjoys his daddy! When ever Andrew comes through the door after work, Trek runs to him saying "Daddeee"! It melts Andrew's heart every time...never gets tired of it!!
Trek figured out how to climb this month...kind of scarey for mom, but very fun for him!
It was a sigh of relief to finally have the mountains of paperwork done to finalize his adoption in the States...we had a little celebration!

December 2009- 12 months old!

We spent a few days at the coast, Neskowin Oregon, right before Christmas. The rest of the Gibler Clan came over Christmas Eve...we had a wonderful time!! Wonderful clear, sunny weather the entire time we were there!!

November 2009-11 months old and Happy Birthday!!

This was a busy month!! Met cousin Milo and his parents! Had Thanksgiving with Rhonda's family..met Great Grandpa Hansen for the first time! And we celebrated Trek turning 1 year old!! Phew, so much fun, so little time!

October 2009-Trek at 10 months

Trek officially started walking unassisted early this month... he is so happy that he can get around so much faster!!
Also, this month we got to dress-up. Auntie Audie made a bumblebee outfit for adorable. We were even able to keept he little hat on if we distracted him!

September 2009- Trek at 9 months old!

This month Trek figured out that being upright and mobile is quite possibly the coolest thing ever!! He took his first steps unassisted this month!! Wow, our baby is growing up so fast!!

August 2009- Trek at 8 months old!

Tummy Time!
In love with lemons!!
Enjoying family in Washington!
Meeting Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda for the first time!! So special!!

July 2009-Trek is 7 months old!

Summer fun...4th of July with family, and our first visit to the Portland Zoo!!

June 2009- We're Home!!

Yay! We are finally home! There was so many people that we so excited to meet this little guy!! Much celebrating was had by all...while this little guy is kind of confused and unsure of all these crazy people!! Trek is 6 months old!

5th month waiting...

May 2009-- This month brought some good news...we found out that our case was seen in the Ethiopian courts and passed. In other words, Bedilu was officially our son, according to the Ethiopian gov't! Now we would wait some more for Ethiopia to invite us to travel and pick him up! These are the final pictures we received before we traveled to Ethiopia to meet him and bring him home! We are guessing he is about 5 months old here!

4th month waiting...

Yet some more pictures were sent to us. Again, no date or age included, we guess he's 3-4 months old...not real sure though! We thought it was hilarious that he was dressed in pink...the orphanage just puts the babies in whatever clothes they have that fit! We had to assure some folks that we showed these pics to that we have a son not a daughter.