Trek---What we want to remember about you!!

June 11th, 2009- It was a friday morning when we first met you in person! You were unsure of us and a bit fussy. All in all we were all happy to meet each other! You were 6 months old. We remember you being so alert and aware of your surroundings!

June 19th, 2009-We spent a week in Ethiopia before bringing you home! There was so many people that were anxiously waiting to finally meet you! When we finally made it to Portland, there was a crowd of family and friends that welcomed you home!

6 months old- 17.1 lbs, 27 inches tall.
*Great eye contact
*Really likes thumb
*Tummy time- really strong arms always pushing up...flexible neck, you were always wanting to look up at us.
*Tri-pod like when sitting
*Brings toys to mouth
*Strong grip
*Strong legs while upright on our lap
*Waking up once per night for bottle.

7 months old- 20 lbs.
*Started saying "da-da"
*Less frequent wake-ups during night
*Sitting up straighter
*Strong legs and very bouncy
*Quite the talker- very vocal with babble
*Starting to scoot on tummy
*Attempting to pick up Cheerios with pincer grasp
*Always soothed by having a blanket near the face, then in goes the thumb
*Visible is startled when I reappear after being in a different room

8 months old- 22-23 lbs
*"Nurse-maids elbow"- first ER visit
*Mastered the 'army crawl', now you're getting frustrated by how slow it is!
*Mastered the pincer grasp with Cheerios
*Teething- #O and #P have arrived
*really wants to by upright and mobile
*Loves it when we walk holding on to both your hands
*Not walking as much like a "drunkin sailor "
*Sleeps well; 9-11 hours a night with 2 naps during the day
*Likes stroller rides- often falls asleep in stroller
*Boring #1 convention- your first convention!! Did really well. Didn't nap as well as at home, but slept all naps in stoller.
*Starting to pull up from sitting position on the Baby Einstein entertainer. This BE is no longer very cool to actually sit in for very long.
*Starting to say "momom"...Yayayaya!
*Prefers to be in mommy's arms in crowded areas, but Grandma Margie and Dad will do also.
*Routinely fussy as I go about the house with out him, but not as jumpy when I reappear from a different room.
*First runny nose cold- mom slept with you for 4 nights so you could be propped up with pillows to breath better

9 months old
*Has really started to be clingy to mommy-especially in public places
*Still army-crawling, but getting more and more frustrated
*Enjoys making a gargling sound with throat
*Frequently pulling himself up to a standing position
*OFFICIAL FIRST STEPS- Friday, September 11th, 2009- Took a couple of steps from the couch to the Baby Einstein bouncy seat!!!!
*Noticed a few times you could get to a sitting position from belly position.
* September 4, 2009- Seems extra fussy today- suspect teething #E and #F are soon to make their debut
*September 21, 2009- Took 4-5 steps at a time, VERY EXCITING!! Becoming more balanced and can stand alone for a few seconds
*Enjoys walking around furniture with only one hand holding on. You seem a bit fearless in how you just walk away from furniture and walk on your own for a bit and then fall.
*You hit your head a lot, pretty tough though...we only hear you cry when you hit something hard!

10 months old
*Officially walking with out help!! This is great except that you are still unsteady and crash and hit your head a lot....lots of waaahs!!
*Seems to be only taking one nap a day (mid-day), but is ready for bed at 6:45-7 p.m.- sleeps 12-13 hours at night!!
*Continues to accept any food we offer
*October 12th, 2009-Started clapping and waving while saying "ba-ba"!
*By the end of 10th month walking a lot more steady
*#E and #F have made their appearance

11 months old 23 lbs, 29 1/4 inches tall
*October 29th, 2009-The day you turned 11 months old, you were in surgery at Legacy Emanuel Hospital having a circumcision. Surgery went very and dad had stomachs in knots the whole time!! So happy to see your sweet little sedated face right after surgery. Mom held you as you recovered for a few hours!!
*Grandpa Bruce has taught you how to vigorousely shake your head 'no', not sure if this is good or not!
*Calls Grandpa Bruce "BaPa", so sweet!
*When we say 'yay'! you clap your hands, very cute!
*Saying 'baby'!
*Still prefers to be with mommy but recognizes and wants to be held by Grandma and Grandpa Gibler
*Started feeding you some whole milk- 2 oz. with 6 oz of formula

12 months old- Happy Birthday!!
*Has started to sign back to us-- "more, all done!
*No longer interested in bottles..on to sippy cups, Nuby brand seems to be the best right now!
*For awhile now, one of your favorite things is to be read will often come over to us carrying a book. You like to snuggle up with you blanket and listen to us read the often want the same book read many time over, so sweet!!
*Can stand up with out pulling up on something.
*Has started bouncy to the rythm of music...or Auntie Derra's breast pump, hahaha!
*Will kiss us on the cheek when asked.
*Can point to your nose, ears, and head.
*Learned how to drink through a straw.

13 months old
*Runny nose and cough month
*Mommy started working regularly on mondays and are babysat by Teri Grund!
*Can sign "thank you and please"!!

14 months old-25 lbs., 30.5 inches tall
*Frequently saying "Ee-Ii-Oo"!!
*All we hear all day long is "momma?", "daddee?" and other stuff we can't quite decipher right now!!